Top Tips and Techniques to Set Your Design Apart

When you are creating your Junk Kouture masterpiece, it’s important to choose the right materials. But what happens after that? If you can envision your design and you have the materials, the next task at hand is to work out what techniques you will need to use to manipulate your materials and create something show stopping. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you.  


Burn Out Technique  

For this technique, grab some matches and synthetic fabrication. Be sure to hold the flame quite far from the fabric, as it can burn through very quickly. The fabric will start to crinkle close to where the burn is, and so create a stunning texture to add to your design. Click here to watch our full Masterclass on the Burn Out Technique.  


Create Textures 

If you want to add texture and depth to a flat piece of fabric, look no further. Start by cutting strips and other shapes of fabric (for example, a circle). On your fabric strip or shape, add a few long, separate stitches and pull to create the desired, folded texture. When you’re happy with how this looks, sew it onto your flat piece of fabric, repeat and watch it come to life! Click here to watch our full Masterclass on Creating Textures.  


Pattern Cutting  

As daunting as pattern cutting may seem, the key is preparation. Familiarise yourself with the grain line and facing and be sure to leave 1cm seam allowance. Before you cut anything, place your pattern onto the fabric using pins and make sure your grain is in line with the it. Next, the stitching. You can use a sewing machine, an overlocker and sew by hand. Click here to watch our full Pattern Cutting Masterclass.   


Making your own lace  

To get started on creating a stunning textile, you will need water soluble film, thread and any sewing machine friendly materials you have around the house, for example ribbon. Before you begin, mark out some lines on your film to guide you as you sew. Draw the design that you want to follow and get started sewing your material onNext grab a bowl of water, dip your design in and out will come your lace! Click here to watch our full DIY Lace Masterclass.  


Turmeric Fabric Dye  

First things first, fill a pot with half white vinegar and half hot water. Let your fabric steep in this for about an hour. Measure out your turmeric and baking powder in a glass and add a small amount of boiling and cold water. Next, add your steeped fabric into the glass and stir to ensure the turmeric can work its magic! Check back the next day and rinse the fabric out, and enjoy your new golden yellow material! Click here to watch our full Fabric Dying Masterclass.  


You can do anything if you know how! Need more inspiration for techniques to use on your fabrics? Head over to our Youtube Channel for our full collection of Junk Kouture Masterclasses.  

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